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Nordic Tugs

Back in the mid-1970s, Jerry Husted was building a lovely ketch-rigged sailboat called the Ingrid
38 in Woodinville, Washington. Along with others, he was sitting in long gas station lines. Gas
cost a fortune and was hard to find. Many boats simply sat parked while the politics of petroleum
threatened to cripple the nation. Husted concluded that powerboaters needed a vessel that was
affordable to own and operate.

Husted called on one of the most respected Pacific Northwest designers the late Lynn Senour
and pitched his idea for a small, efficient powerboat with tug yacht styling. Senour's genius
shined through in the design of the underwater portion of the boat. He developed a hard-chined
bottom with a full keel capable of ghosting along comfortably at 6 or 7 knots while burning very
little fuel, but also capable of a reasonable turn of speed when enough power was applied. He
knew that a full keel made for an “easier” roll in a beam sea while contributing to
maneuverability and tracking. He also knew at displacement speeds of 6 to 7 knots the hull
would throw virtually no wake at all. Inspired by tugboats of the 1930s Senour drew the lines.
Husted did more than dream. He built a spunky trawler with recognizable tugboat lines and
introduced it to the boating community in January 1980 at the Seattle Boat Show, selling a
record setting 33 26 foot “Nordic Tugs”.

With nearly 40 years of production Nordic Tugs are available today in a range of sizes including
the original 26, a 32/34, the popular 37/39/40, a 42/44, a 49,designed by Howard Apollonio and
a 54. Built entirely in the USA, the hulls are hand-laid solid fiberglass with an outer coating of
vinylester resin to help stop wicking and foam-cored stringers laminated in place. The three
interior fiberglass modules, stem, center and aft, (molded separately) are glassed into place,
thereby becoming part of the structural strength of the vessel and to help prevent squeaks with
aging. Handcrafted with high quality parts and inspired but commercial standards, Nordic Tugs
of all ages represent an exceptional value in the used market for reliable coastal exploration
today and for years to come.

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