The Gateway Program

A more pleasurable ownership experience, and the least expensive way to own – period.

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Gateway Adventure Fleet

Whether cruising or fishing, enjoy the benefits of Aspen's efficient, stable and safe ride!

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Ultimate Cruising Machines

World-class luxury and heritage with our Nordic Tug trawlers, and there's no better or less expensive way to own.

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Gateway Fractional Ownership

Adventure Yachting Excellence… at a fraction of the price.

genericGateway fractional yacht ownership just makes sense. A tremendous cost advantage is gained by driving up the utilization rate for an otherwise costly and dramatically underutilized asset. Under professional management, the benefits of fractional ownership carry over into hassle-free Adventure Yachting Excellence, producing a more pleasurable ownership experience.

A Better Ownership Experience

Top equipment supported by top manufacturers.  Our sparkling new fleet comes loaded with all the options you’ll likely ever need, and the program is designed to keep the fleet young and in top condition.

Best of all we do all the work, while you have all the fun!

While you get to enjoy the benefits of owning a world-class yacht located in world-class destinations, you only pay a fraction of the cost. The size of the fraction you choose is based upon your needs. The basic time available using our flexible hybrid scheduling system is as follows:

Flexible Hybrid Scheduling System
Share Size (Weeks)  5 10   20
Number of Equivalent Days Annually 35 70 140
Open Time Use 7 days Unlimited Unlimited

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Check out the current Gateway Fleet!

Shares available in each, pick your favorite…or pick two! Ask about Blendshares!

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New Nordic Tugs and Aspens  Available, Get Your Share!

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